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How You Ski Boot Supposed to Fit

Skiing, snowboarding or any other game, fitting of your sportswear is of great importance as it gives you the freedom to focus on your performance rather than worrying about the wear and management of gadgets you are carrying with you during the game. For games like the one played on snow, where there is an increasing chance of any accident at any moment, paying attention to the game is of great importance.  Like any other wear you will carry on your skiing trip, your ski boots are also necessary to be fit and comfortable in every possible way.

 There are many brands that are offering better fit and high level of comfort to the users. No matter if you’re buying Nike ski boots or going with any other brands, the comfort, and accurate fit is the most necessary thing to consider.  While buying you one such pair of boots, there is few questions you must keep in mind and look for their answer while shopping. Here we will give you answers to this important question to make your ski wear shopping more comfortable this year.  Here we go;

What my toe position must be while I wear a ski boot?

A must is to understand what position your toe must have while you are wearing a boot; whether it should touch the front of boot or should/shouldn’t be curled while the boot is on your feet? Well, the answer is a YES! When you are wearing a ski boot, a fit boot will be the one in which your toe will be touching the front of the boot. Once you get your heel settled in the pocket you will feel much better. Better if you give a little kick to your heel against the ground and buckles at the top of the boots, stand up and flex forwards and then tie the bottom buckle. At the last go for the strap at the top of your boot.  And this way you will get with the perfect fitted boot.

When I flex forward I feel my heel slides back – Is it all fine?

It happens sometimes that when you flex forward your ski boots your heel slides back making some space for your toe to move and the question here is if this makes the boot a perfect fit for you or not? Well! You are going all great this way. If you standing upright in your ski boots and can feel the upper cuff of your boot at the back of your calf, your toes are not supposed to touch the front of the boot. And this all fine, a perfect fit for you.

I can easily lift my heel while buckled-up. Is it all Ok with the boot fit??

It is all going good, you can surely lift your heel if your feet are standing on your toes, wearing the ski boot. The reason for this can be that your foot is more flexible with the ski boot fit. Even if you are not able to lift your heel in this condition, it all fine and there is nothing bad with this as well.

Why do I feel burning and cramping in my foot arches?

This might happened because you are not going for a custom foot bed for your ski boots. Go get yourself one of these. If you were sportswear comfortable with the boot fit while buying and later you are facing nay such problem you must go for a foot bed. If you have a foot bed in your boot but still facing the problem, go for wearing foot bed on daily basis, even when you are skiing. Better to go for an athletic footbed and if you get used to it you will not feel cramped during the sport.

My friend is an expert; can I bring him for Boot fitting?

If your friend is not a boot fitter, she won’t be able to guide you to choose the best one for you. Better is to seek professional assistance. These expert have years of experience with the expertise to get you the best option for you. They offer a range of products from the most trusted suppliers from around the globe. You boot are of great importance in terms of your security while on the powder. Thus always be careful while buying one for you. Make sure that your ski boot is rigid and with a custom fit and never forget to get the best pair of foot bed for you.

How to find a good boot fitter?

You can consult any online expert, look for their blogs, call the expert or communicate with them on the web portals like and get to know what the best is for you. If you going to buy a ski boot for the first time, better suggested would be to visit physical stores rather than going for the virtual stores.


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